TOPS™ Managing Up

How to Identify Your Manager's Style and Build a Stronger Relationship

by Yael Zofi

Throughout your professional life, a good working relationship with your manager is invaluable in advancing your career. But how do you build a better working relationship with someone with whom you do not share a common understanding, due to differences in work styles, preferences and perceptions? Add to this, you may even see your manager on a regular basis, especially if you work on a dispersed (or virtual) team.

Yael Zofi, CEO of AIM® takes a practical approach to improving this dynamic, and breaks down the building blocks of how to build a better working relationship with your manager. In TOPS™, Zofi shares her expertise on managing up, working styles and team development. You’ll learn how to develop effective strategies to work with each one. Also included is a Quick Points Guide to raise your managing up performance and practical pointers to improve the relationship you have with a key manager. Included are suggestions to create your personal action plan to enhance this partnership. Remember, quality business relationships grow through understanding – and, understanding takes a bit of work. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a more satisfying career.